Industry engagement

REA collects and acts on feedback we receive from licensees through a number of channels. Here are some of the ways we engage with the real estate industry to ensure that every licensee has the opportunity to influence the work we do.

Industry groups that we regularly meet with

Industry Advisory Groups (IAGs)

Four IAG groups provide independent advice and insights to REA from across the various real estate sectors. The IAGs represent the residential, rural, commercial and business broking sectors.

Each of the IAGs has eight members who have been nominated and appointed to a two-year term. IAG members are well-known, credible representatives of their respective sectors. They meet twice a year to discuss ideas, issues and trends and to provide open and honest input. REA also informally consults IAG members between meetings.

The purpose of the groups is to provide industry views on:

  • best practice guidance
  • CPD topics
  • any issues the industry is facing
  • operational issues of REA
  • proposals that REA is considering implementing.

The current IAG members were appointed in November 2018.

See the list of IAG members [PDF, 109 KB]

Read the Industry Advisory Groups Charter [PDF, 103 KB]

Real Estate Leaders Forum

The Real Estate Leaders Forum was founded in 2011 to discuss industry issues and to gather feedback from invited real estate industry stakeholders.

The Forum is a platform to share information and support a constructive relationship between REA and industry leaders nationally and regionally. It is used to share and discuss REA’s strategic direction and to strengthen the relationship between key industry players, other industry organisations and REA.

REA reviews membership of the Real Estate Leaders Forum every two years and the forum meets twice a year.

Read the Real Estate Leaders Forum Terms of Reference [PDF, 1 MB] (includes a list of the current members).

Education Advisory Groups

REA relies heavily on key people in the real estate sector to ensure the CPD programme is relevant and useful. Several groups help inform and select CPD topics, develop new content, outline key messages and peer review the final material.

Members are training providers, trainers and subject matter experts from across the industry. If you would like to know more about this work and how to get involved, email our education team.

Read more about Continuing professional development (CPD)

Opportunities for licensees to provide feedback

Licensee surveys

Licensees have many opportunities to provide their feedback and thoughts to help shape and guide the work that REA does. We regularly send out invitations requesting input on a range of topics that are important to the real estate industry.

Some of the regular surveys include:

  • the annual licensee survey
  • a monthly survey about licensees' experiences following their CPD training
  • a survey to participants who went through a CAC process
  • surveys to test the REA website.
Phone calls and general enquiries

REA receives more than 2,700 phone calls and 1,100 emails each year from licensees requesting information and guidance. The information we gather from these enquiries is used to help shape our website content, guidance and compliance information.

Contact us to speak to a member of our team

Campaigns and initiatives

We deliver initiatives and campaigns to help, educate and inform licensees about key industry issues. For example, we have recently distributed marketing and advertising facilitated meeting packs to every branch and sole trader across the country. You can find meeting packs on our resources page

We encourage licensees to share their feedback on the campaigns and share their ideas for new initiatives by emailing

REA Industry newsletter

REA distributes an industry newsletter about essential and topical information to licensees and other subscribers every 6-8 weeks.

The newsletter includes important updates, information about legislation changes, and detail about topics of interest and learnings. It is a crucial communication channel between REA and licensees and as such licensees cannot unsubscribe from it.

Read our industry newsletters 

We welcome feedback and suggestions for articles – email

Events and agency visits

REA hosts a Conversation with REA event every 3-4 months to engage with local licensees to find out more about what affects them and the industry.

Where possible, REA also tries to attend industry conferences across the country. Contact us if you are planning an industry event and would like REA to present.

Agency visits

Members of the REA team regularly visit agencies and branches across New Zealand. These visits are an opportunity for feedback from licensees and for REA to share information. 

Contact us to enquire about arranging a visit to your agency.


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