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REA newsletter October 2020

Read the October newsletter here.

Real Estate Authority guidance and updates

  • A message from the Chief Executive
  • Real estate qualifications review
  • Summary of recent complaint decisions
  • CPD reminder
  • COVID-19 guidance for the real estate industry
  • Using the right terminology — appraisal vs valuation
  • Maintaining professionalism when you miss out on a listing
  • Get to know Belinda Moffat

News from across government

  • AML-CFT compliance in the real estate sector
  • Privacy Act 2020 information for businesses
  • COVID-19 commercial lease dispute services
  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

REA newsletter August 2020

Read the August newsletter here.

  • Reviewing the last year of complaints
  • Licensee obligations around property inspection reports
  • Annual licensee survey results
  • Incorrect use of 'solicitor’s approval' condition
  • Myth-busters: Buyers’ agent edition
  • Free buyer journey guides
  • New building consent exemptions
  • Licensing numbers in a COVID-19 environment

REA newsletter June 2020

Read the June newsletter here.

  • Survey results – the initial impacts of COVID-19
  • Costs awarded under section 110A (C24399)
  • Selling a tenanted property under new COVID-19 rules
  • Developing COVID-19 guidance
  • CPD exemption through PINZ and RICS
  • New video resources
  • AML independent audit requirements during COVID-19
  • Vacancy: REA Complaints Assessment Committee members
  • CPD for beginners

REA newsletter April 2020

Read the April newsletter here.

  • COVID-19 information for licensees
  • COVID-19 information for buyers and sellers
  • Conducting appraisals during the COVID-19 lockdown
  • An update about complaints, Complaint Assesssment Committees and the Tribunal
  • New salespersons must now complete Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in their first year
  • Now is a good time for all licensees to complete their CPD for 2020 - including non-verifiable CPD
  • Members of RICS and PINZ can again apply for excemption from some of their CPD

REA newsletter February 2020

Read the February newsletter here.

  • New resources for licensees: conflict of interest meeting packs and marketing and advertising educational video
  • Avoiding a misleading expected sale price – C29353 overview
  • An update about the branch manager and agent qualifications
  • Does your licence expire in March? Renew now!
  • What do you need to know about sale and purchase agreements?
  • A proposed change to the application of CPD exemptions for new salespersons
  • Plan your 2020 CPD early

REA newsletter December 2019

Read the December newsletter here

  • Highlights from REA's first ten years
  • 2020 Continuing Professional Development 
  • 'Working days' over the holiday period
  • Top 10 newsletter articles from 2019

REA newsletter October 2019

Read the October newsletter here.

  • New commercial information page on
  • New rural information page on
  • First-home buyer spring campaign
  • Nearly there – the pre-settlement inspection
  • Continuing professional development (CPD) update
  • A look at licensee demographics
  • Case spotlight - NZREADT 37
  • REA is on LinkedIn

REA newsletter September 2019

Read the September newsletter here.

  • When is a garage not a garage?
  • New and updated information on
  • Highlights from REA's 2019 consumer research
  • Being fit & proper to hold a licence
  • Don't sell my home! Four tips for navigating a mortgagee sale
  • Why do consumers recommend a real estate agent?
  • An invitation for trainers 
  • REA's industry engagement 
  • Please give us your feedback about the disclosure training pack

REA newsletter July 2019

Read the July newsletter here.

  •  Risks of working with developers
  •  AML Annual report due 31 August
  •  Keeping your details up to date
  •  Recent EQC changes you need to know about
  • is a Spirit of Service Excellence Awards Finalist!
  •  Early Resolution’s 7 top tips for preventing complaints
  •  2019 Annual Licensee Survey results
  •  New agency disclosure meeting packs

REA newsletter June 2019

Read the June newsletter here.

  • Trust account audit reports are due soon
  •  CPD myth-busters
  •  Recently added and updated content on
  •  AML update and reminders
  •  A friendly reminder about drone photography
  • New resource video and five guiding principles of  disclosure
  •  Recent EQC legislation changes
  • Top 10 Facebook tips
  •  Reporting other licensees' conduct
  •  CPD exemption through PINZ and RICS
  •  Free buyer journey guides

REA newsletter April 2019

Read the April newsletter here.

  • New educational videos and guidance
  • Property Checker tool
  • First home buyers campaign and buyer journey
  • Our Licensing team
  • Bulk renewal licensing statistics
  • Apartment sales and how to avoid common complaints 
  • CPD refresher training and new topics available
  • Spotlight on Provisional Value and conflict of interests
  • Brightline test

REA newsletter February 2019

Read the February newsletter here.

  • Renewing your licence
  • The 10 most read newsletter articles in 2018
  • New Registrar powers for dealing with complaints
  • CPD
  • Campaign for first home buyers
  • Real estate agencies can now use RealMe
  • AML guidance
  • CE non-completions in 2018
  • New industry contact

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