The licensee portal

The REA licensee portal lets you quickly and easily manage your licence online.

Using the licensee portal

You can use the licensee portal to apply for a licence, renew your licence, voluntarily suspend your licence, pay your annual suspension fee, extend your suspension and view and update your details.

The licensee portal cannot currently be used to manage a company licence or to revive or surrender an individual licence.

Licensee portal (external link)

Logging in to the licensee portal

The first time you login you will need
  • a RealMe log in - if you don’t already have a RealMe login, you will be asked to create a RealMe username and password when you first log in to the licensee portal - you can apply on the RealMe website(external link).
  • your licence number - if you don't know your licence number, you can check it on the public register here(external link)
  • your first and last names
  • your date of birth.
After logging in the first time
Use your RealMe username and password.

Licensee portal help

Contact ​us

Phone: 0800 367 7322

Questions about RealMe

If you are having trouble with your RealMe user name and/or password, contact RealMe on 0800 664 774.

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