Update your details

We hold your details in the public register, if anything changes, you or the agency you work for should let us know within 10 days.

Changing information

You need to inform us if there is any change in the information about you recorded in the public register. 

This covers all information from a change of name, phone number or address to a new employer or anything that might prohibit someone from being licensed as an agent.

You can update some details yourself in the licensee portal. For more significant changes, for example, a change to your company name or a criminal charge against you, please contact us. 

When to use the licensee portal

If you have an individual licence

Use the licensee portal to record changes to:

  • your preferred name
  • your contact details
  • your work situation, for example, if you move to a different agency or change branch.
If you’re a registered company

Use the licensee portal to:

  • make changes to your company’s contact details
  • add or remove employees
  • update the officers who are licensed as agents and their details.

Check your current details on the public register here(external link)(external link).

Use the licensee portal to change your details here(external link).

Licensee portal(external link)

If you’re entering a business partnership

If you want to enter into a business partnership with another licensed agent, you must apply for approval first by completing the Request to enter into a partnership [PDF, 274 KB] form.

When to contact us

Contact us about anything that could affect whether you’re still eligible to practise real estate.

If you run a registered company, you need to tell us about anything that could affect the eligibility of any of the company’s officers or licensees working with the company.

Examples of things that may affect eligibility include:

  • criminal charges
  • significant financial trouble
  • disciplinary action by another regulatory or professional body.

Read about the criteria you must meet to hold a real estate licence here.

Contact us about any changes to eligibility.

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