Renew your licence

Your real estate licence expires every 12 months. To continue to work in real estate, you need to renew it each year before it expires.

To renew your licence you need to:
  • check the licence expiry date

  • renew through the licensee portal

  • pay your levies

  • confirm your 20 hours of study

  • declare you’re eligible

  • consent to a criminal history check

  • provide other information if you want to.

Check the licence expiry date

Your licence will expire if you forget to renew and pay before its current expiry date. That means you won’t be able to do any real estate work until you reapply. Your current expiry date is written on your evidence of licence certificate or you can check in the public register.

It is your responsibility to make sure you renew your licence on or before the expiry date

If you allow your licence to expire, you may have to apply for a new licence and you may also be required to obtain new qualifications. We recommend you diarise your licence renewal date.

Check your licence expiry date on the public register here.

We'll remind you about expiry

We’ll remind you by email and text when your licence is due to expire. We’ll do this twice — 6 weeks and 2 weeks before expiry. Please keep your contact details up to date with us so you receive reminders. 

How to renew your licence

Use the licensee portal to renew your licence. If you need help, refer to the help section in the licensee portal or contact us.

We’ll process your renewal in 2–3 days, and we’ll email your new licence to you. 

Licensee portal

  • Pay your annual levies

    You must pay the annual levies to renew your licence. You can pay by Visa, MasterCard or account to account transfer when you log into the licensee portal. You’ll be prompted to pay your levies as the final step of the online renewal process.

    If you choose to submit your application manually, contact us for a copy of the appropriate form and we will email it to you. There is a $28.75 (including GST) processing fee for all manual applications, renewals and suspensions.

    Type of levy


    Operational levy — to fund the costs of the Real Estate Authority


    Disciplinary levy — to fund the costs of the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal






    * Please note there is a $28.75 (including GST) processing fee for all manual applications, renewals and suspensions.

    ** These fees are non-refundable. Read our information on refunds here.

    Read more about licence costs here.

  • Confirm your 20 hours of study

    Your 20 hours of study is continuing professional development. You’ll be prompted to confirm you’ve completed the previous year's study as part of the online renewal process.

    Read more about continuing professional development here.

  • Declare you're eligible

    To remain eligible for a licence, you need to meet certain criteria and be a fit and proper person.

    Read more about the criteria you must meet to hold a real estate licence here.

    It’s your legal responsibility to declare anything that could affect your eligibility. You’ll be prompted to make a declaration as part of the online renewal process. Please declare any and all convictions and pending charges, including traffic offences.

    You don’t need to tell us about any complaints being considered by a Complaints Assessment Committee or the Real Estate Agents Disciplinary Tribunal. If you’ve been disciplined because of a complaint, you do need to tell us if you still owe any costs or fines or if you’ve failed to comply with an order.

    Please declare everything you think might affect our decision to renew your licence.

    We may ask you for more information or we may ask other people for information. If we do this, we’ll tell you first, and your licence will remain active until we learn more.

    If you’re not sure whether you need to declare something, call us on 0800 367 7322.

  • Consent to a criminal history check

    You need to consent to a criminal history check so we can ask New Zealand Police Vetting Service for information about your criminal history. You’ll be prompted to give consent as part of the online renewal process.

  • Provide other information if you want to

    We collect information to help us better understand and support you and others in the industry.

    The more we know about you, the better we can provide relevant information. You can choose to give us information about your ethnicity, the languages you speak and type of real estate work you do (residential, rural or commercial).

Renewing a company licence

A licence must be renewed every year before the expiry date via the licensee portal. We’ll remind you of the licence expiry date by emailing the company’s preferred email address when your licence is due to expire.

Only the eligible or principal officers will be able to renew the company licence in the licensee portal — contact persons and other officers cannot renew or suspend a company licence.

All officers of the company must complete a copy of the criminal history consent form and return it to us. We will send an email to the company’s preferred email address with the names of the officers who need to complete this.

Download the criminal history consent form.

Invoices and documents

You can find copies of your invoices, evidence of licence, and other licensing documents when you log in to the licensee portal.

When you have logged in, click ‘Documents’ in the top bar, located under the green ribbon. If you are in a different section of the portal, you will first need to click ‘Update details’ then select ‘Documents’ in the subheading.

Please note that your invoice will be generated within 24 hours of completing a licensing application.

If you’re looking for documents for a company, click ‘Update Agencies’, select the applicable company, then click ‘Documents’.

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