If you have an Australian real estate licence or registration

If you have an Australian licence or registration, you’re entitled to work in real estate in New Zealand under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act (TTMRA).

You must apply for a New Zealand licence first. It’s illegal to carry out real estate agency work in New Zealand unless you have submitted a licence application to us and we have advised you are eligible to start work.

Application requirements

To apply for a New Zealand licence under the TTMRA, you must hold an active licence or registration in Australia at the time of applying for the equivalent licence with us. You need to provide us with evidence of your Australian licence or registration when applying.

We can’t begin processing your application if you have only provided us with a record of achievement, statement of attainment or qualification certificate.

You will also be required to complete and send us a TTMRA declaration in support of your application.

Download the TTMRA declaration form [PDF, 38 KB]

Read the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997(external link)

How to apply for your New Zealand licence

You need to apply for your New Zealand licence online in the REA licensee portal. You will be asked to pay an application fee and levies as part of your application.

Find out more about how much a licence costs

Apply for your licence here:

Licensee portal(external link)

Processing your application

We need at least 1 month to process your application for a New Zealand licence. In this time, we will ask the authority you are licensed with in Australia about you. For example, we will want to verify information you’ve given us and ask about any disciplinary action against you.  

We may need up to 6 months to process your application if:

  • anything in your application is false or misleading
  • you haven’t provided something we’ve asked for
  • your circumstances change significantly (for example, a criminal charge is made against you or if you are an undischarged bankrupt)
  • the profession you want a licence for in New Zealand isn’t equivalent to your profession in Australia.

We may refuse your licence if any of the above apply to your application and can’t be resolved. 

You can work while we’re processing your application

As soon as we’ve acknowledged your application, you can work in real estate in New Zealand as though you already have a New Zealand licence. This is called deemed registration.

While you have deemed registration, you must comply with the laws of New Zealand, in particular — the Real Estate Agents Act 2008.

More about the Real Estate Agents Act 2008

Your deemed registration will end if we grant or refuse your licence or if you ask us to cancel your deemed registration.

After we approve or refuse your application

If we approve your licence we will:
  • add your details to our public register (noting that your licence has been granted under the TTMRA)
  • send you a letter of approval
  • send you your evidence of licence certificate.
 If we refuse your licence we will:
  • write to tell you why
  • tell you about your right to have the decision reviewed
  • refund your levies— but not your application fee. 


Registration under the TTMRA is based on equivalency of profession or occupation. You cannot apply for a New Zealand licence purely on the basis of having an Australian real estate qualification. You need to be licensed/registered in Australia to carry out real estate agency work in that country.

Restrictions may be placed on your New Zealand licence if your licence is from a state in Australia that does not allow its licensees to carry out some of the tasks that New Zealand real estate professionals are able to carry out.

  • If you’re licensed or registered in New South Wales

    If you’re licensed or registered in New South Wales, you need to complete unit standard 23137 within 6 months of being deemed licensed in New Zealand. This unit standard is about demonstrating your knowledge of preparing a sale and purchase agreement and facilitating the sale of real estate.

    You need to complete this unit standard because the real estate profession in New South Wales is different to that in New Zealand. In particular, you’re not authorised to prepare sale and purchase agreements in New South Wales.

    See training providers offering standard qualifications(external link)

    After you’ve given us evidence that you’ve completed this unit standard and you’ve had 6 months' experience as a licensee in New Zealand, you can:

    • prepare sale and purchase agreements for land, interest in land, the goodwill of a business or chattels
    • give advice about legal rights and obligations related to this kind of agreement. 
  • If you’re licensed or registered in Queensland

    A licensed or registered real estate professional in Queensland can’t conduct auctions unless they're also registered as an auctioneer. Therefore, you can’t conduct auctions in New Zealand even though other real estate licensees can.  

    Your New Zealand licence will include a condition that forbids you from conducting auctions. This is a legal requirement under section 25 of the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 1997.

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Last updated 2 August 2022