Social media transparency statement

This transparency statement explains how we use and engage on social media in accordance with the Public Service Commission’s guidance for public servants’ official use of social media.

How we use social media

We use social media to:

  • Engage and communicate with the sector to transfer knowledge about guidance, rules and standards
  • Share information to help licensees understand and meet their regulatory obligations
  • Position REA as a thought leader and respected independent regulator
  • Raise awareness of REA as the conduct regulator of the real estate sector
  • Share information and guidance to support consumers to confidently and successfully navigate the property buying and selling process
  • Raise awareness of the Settled brand
  • Drive traffic to website resources to help increase their value.

How we engage on social media

  • REA moderates comments on REA’s and Settled’s social media channels
  • Comments received on REA’s or Settled’s social channels that are inappropriate or likely to cause offence may be hidden or removed – particularly if a user has a history of making such comments on REA or Settled social channels
  • REA may respond to comments and messages on social media where relevant, but as social media is not intended to be used as an official query portal, queries received through private or direct messages will be directed to contact
  • Where a response to a message is required, REA will respond through the relevant REA or Settled social media account
  • Should REA or Settled follow or like content from a particular person or organisation, it does not necessarily mean REA or Settled is endorsing their views.

Complaints and enquiries

Members of the public have the right to raise concerns about the Real Estate Authority’s use of social media. If you believe we have not acted in accordance with this statement, email or contact:

Head of EIE, The Real Estate Authority,
Level 4 The Todd Building
95 Customhouse Quay
Wellington 6011