Our strategy

The strategic framework below outlines our vision, overarching strategic goal and strategic priorities for the next 4 years.


Our purpose is the foundation of the strategic framework, and the vision and strategic goal statements outline what we aim to achieve. The strategic priorities outline how we will align resources and activities to help achieve the vision and strategic goal.

A better real estate experience for all

The vision statement is a powerful aspiration. It refers to a better real estate experience for New Zealanders buying or selling property, for the licensees involved and for other professionals involved in real estate transactions. It also includes the experience these groups have when they interact with us.

Empowered consumers working with trusted real estate professionals

Delivering the strategic goal is about ensuring that participants in real estate transactions are well informed and feel empowered to make the right decisions based on their personal situation. It is also about ensuring the industry is increasingly trusted and professional with decreasing levels of dissatisfaction, harm or loss for those involved.

We will help the people identified as being the most at risk, for example, first-home buyers, buyers who are new to New Zealand (especially those with English as a second language) and other inexperienced or vulnerable buyers and sellers.

We will aim to further raise professionalism across the industry with targeted campaigns focusing on the issues and behaviours most likely to generate complaints.

Identify and reduce causes of consumer harm

Buying and selling property is one of the biggest investment decisions New Zealanders make. There are many risks, and when issues occur with a real estate transaction, the financial and emotional impact on consumers can be significant and long-lasting.

We will use data analysis, insights and intelligence to identify and understand risks and the causes of issues. We will work with the sector to reduce problems and issues and raise consumer awareness of them and how they can be reduced.

Better inform and educate consumers

Consumers need access to independent, relevant and accessible information to be better informed about the process, risks and issues related to real estate transactions.

We will deliver targeted campaigns and initiatives to inform and educate consumers, particularly for the most at-risk groups, for example, consumers with little experience such as first-home buyers.

We will invest in an increasing number of avenues, including our website and social media, to provide information, resources and tools to educate and inform consumers.

Increase professionalism and public confidence in the real estate industry

The public’s confidence in the real estate industry will be increased if the industry is made up of professional and competent licensees and there are effective processes for redress when things go wrong.

We will continue to help build industry capability, promote best practices, raise professional standards, manage licensing and complaints, and monitor and enforce licensee behaviour. We will raise public confidence by holding poor behaviour to account and by using a range of communication tools to promote the professionalism of the industry.

Raise our profile and level of connectedness

We will position ourselves as the independent, trusted and authoritative source of information and guidance for consumers and licensees.

We will also engage, collaborate and partner with industry, government and the private sector to leverage capability and build support to enable us to more effectively promote and protect consumer interests.

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