Real estate qualification review consultation

We are pleased to present for industry and public feedback proposed changes to the real estate qualification suite.

Having a robust, local, fit for purpose and efficient qualification for the Real Estate profession is paramount for the long-term success of the real estate industry. The Skills Organisation (Skills) together with the Real Estate Authority (REA) and the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ) have aligned to review the qualifications, with Skills leading the design of a new qualification suite to fulfil the requirements. We are pleased to present for industry and public feedback proposed changes through a consultation document.

Skills, REA and REINZ have worked closely with people from the real estate industry to better understand their needs, both now and into the future, to design a qualification suite that is fit for purpose and supports a career pathway in real estate. The next 5-10 years is a critical period for the real estate sector, with many seasoned branch managers and agents planning to retire and exit the industry.

The objective of the review and the proposed qualification solution is to ensure that the real estate qualifications suite and delivery programmes are fit for purpose for the industry and meet regulatory requirements. A strong New Zealand qualifications suite is key to supporting high standards of conduct and professionalism across the industry and plays an important role in lifting public confidence in real estate professionals.

Skills now invite the wider industry and New Zealand public to provide feedback on the real estate qualifications suite. We are seeking both feedback and endorsement (if the option is agreeable) to demonstrate support for the proposed change.

Next steps

Required step


Step 1: Complete review of existing qualifications. Gather feedback from industry and education providers to design an alternative suite.


Step 2: Consultation. Invite feedback from industry and the public on the proposed qualification suite.

Consultation closes at 9am on Monday 22 February 2021

Step 3: Review submissions and feedback. Determine whether to edit the final qualification suite based on feedback received.

February 2021

Step 4: Submit final option to NZQA for approval.

April 2021

Step 5: Work with Ministry of Justice to complete changes to licensing Regulations and Legislation as required.

April - June 2021

Step 6: Final option approved by NZQA.

June 2021

Step 7: Work with training providers to develop training programmes for enrolment. We will be calling for more industry assistance here.

June - December 2021

Step 8: Enrolments open for new learners. Support from training providers with transitional arrangements for existing learners.

December 2021 - early 2022

Feedback and/or endorsement of the proposal can be made to Skills by 9am on Monday 22 February 2021. Any feedback received will be treated as confidential, shared only with REA and REINZ. An aggregated summary of key feedback themes will be made available publicly.

Read the consultation material at

Proposed Real Estate Qualification Suite outline