Topics for verifiable CPD

This page lists the mandatory and elective verifiable continuing professional development (CPD) topics you can select to complete your 2020 CPD requirement.

Mandatory topics for 2020

Licensees must complete these two mandatory topics in 2020:

Ethics 2 hours
Buyer experience 2 hours

Elective topics for 2020

Licensees must complete six hours of elective topics in 2020. There are 22 topics to choose from. Speak to your agency or approved training provider to select topics to suit your requirements.

Training time
Anti-Money Laundering (AML): Due-diligence (New in 2020) 1.5 hours
Conjunctional sales (New in 2020) 1.5 hours
Goods and Services Tax (GST) (New in 2020) 1.5 hours
Rural-environmental issues (New in 2020) 1.5 hours
Anti-money laundering (AML) (2019 mandatory topic) 1.5 hours
Communication (2019 mandatory topic) 1.5 hours
Disclosure (2019 mandatory topic) 2 hours
Legal ownership and tenure 2.5 hours
Sale and purchase agreements and lease agreements: Professional standards 1.5 hours
Sale and purchase agreements and lease agreements: Contractual obligations 1.5 hours
Key concepts 1 hour
Understanding agency law 1 hour
Council compliance 1.5 hours
Agency agreements: Compliance 1.5 hours
Agency agreements: Professional competence and ethics 1 hour
Physical property inspection 2.5 hours
Issues beyond the boundary 1.5 hours
Tender and auction 1.5 hours
Marketing: Law of agency 1.5 hours
Marketing: Professional competence and ethics 1.5 hours
Pre-listing: Agency law and professional compliance 1.5 hours
Pre-listing: Supplementary reports and documentation 1 hour

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