Supervision standard

The Real Estate Agents Act 2008 was established to protect consumers and promote public confidence in the performance of real estate agency work. Raising industry standards is an important aspect of this and we develop and publish professional standards to support this.

Supervision standard

The Professional Standard on Supervision (2017) provides guidance and benchmarking for best practice in the supervision of salespersons.

Download the supervision standard [PDF, 206 KB].

Supervision training

Effective supervision is tailored to the individual. The following questions are intended to support the development of agency supervision plans:

  • Do employment contracts include the details of the supervising agent or branch manager? Are these reviewed and updated as situations change?
  • Do you understand the level of knowledge and the strengths and weaknesses of the people you supervise? Is your supervision plan appropriate for their level of knowledge?
  • Do you have more stringent supervision for licensees new to the industry or to your organisation?
  • Does your supervision plan differ for staff working remotely?
  • Do you review every sale and purchase or lease agreement presented by licensees you supervise?
  • Is the work of the licensees you supervise randomly reviewed and recorded?
  • Do the people you supervise have a training and development plan? Are the outcomes of these plans recorded in writing?

We have developed a 2-hour supervision training programme for agents and branch managers. The programme counts towards non-verifiable continuing education. Supervision standards is one the mandatory topics for all licensees in 2018 continuing education.

Read more about continuing education click here.

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