Changes to REA's continuing education programme

From 1 January 2019, we will introduce a new continuing professional development (CPD) framework that will offer a combination of mandatory and elected verifiable training topics.

Why are we changing?

The change to the mandatory and elected topic format for verifiable training will include compliance and other key topics, with flexibility for agencies and licensees to select topics relevant to their needs, business and interests.

The format supports the principles of adult education and this is reflected in the programme's new name - continuing professional development (CPD).

What is changing?

Mandatory verifiable training is content set by REA for all licensees. Elected verifiable training topics will be selected by agencies and licensees from around 40 hours of content repurposed and updated from previous years’ verifiable training content. All mandatory and elected topics will be delivered by approved training providers.

Each year, REA will determine the ratio of mandatory and elected hours depending on the topics REA requires all licensees to complete. For 2019, REA will set 5 hours of mandatory verifiable training, and licensees will elect 5 hours of training.

There is no change to the current requirement for 10 hours of non-verifiable training.

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